Structural Vehicles

Structural Vehicles

ITURRI has the widest range in the market of fire-fighting and high-altitude auto-pump vehicles for urban and peri-urban areas. It leads the fire brigade market in France, Chile, Spain and Portugal, with innovative designs adapted to the needs of each client.

Vehicles with a water capacity of up to 4,000 liters, single and double cabins, cabinets with maximum space for equipment, etc. With a wide variety of chassis for all kinds of needs: Iveco, MAN, Renault, Mercedes …

BUP Compact: The Urban Fire Solution

Aware of the needs in urban emergencies, we have developed the BUP Compact, merging the capacity of a Heavy Urban Pump with the performance of a light vehicle.

Fire Fighting Vehicles

Light Range

  • 4×2 vehicles <7,000 kg with single or double cab of maximum ergonomics, capacity of up to 1,400 liters and pumps of up to 1,000 l / min at 10 bars.
  • Perfect compromise between urban mobility and extinguishing power, excellent behavior in narrow streets and great capacity for rescue equipment.

Medium Range

  • 4×2 vehicles <12,000 kg with highly ergonomic double cab, capacity of up to 2,000 l and pumps of up to 1,500 l / min at 10 and 15 bar.
  • Performance similar to the heavy range, facilitating its maneuverability in traffic environments.
  • Up to four cabinets with large capacity for rescue equipment.

Heavy Range

  • 4×2 of up to 15,000 kg with double cabin of maximum ergonomics, capacity of up to 4,000 l and pumps of up to 3,000 l / min at 15 bar.
  • They combine a maximum extinguishing capacity with their great capacity to transport rescue equipment, which allows them to intervene in emergency situations of all kinds.

Urban Heights: Turntable Ladder Vehicles

Turntable Ladder Vehicles

For emergencies at height we use escalator vehicles. Self-ladders are mixed rescue and extinction vehicles with high platforms. They have a fully automatic operating system, high maneuvering speed and great reliability, developing the highest and most versatile ladders on the market with heights of up to 60 meters.

Ladders have four cross stabilizers underneath the vehicle that adapt to the available width of the workplace to balance the ladder to uneven ground.

Possibility of articulating and extending the last section of the ladder, allowing to work at -40º above the horizontal. This action allows firefighters to attack fires from behind rooftops, or to rescue in deep areas.

The rescue basket allows the adaptation of various accessories such as a stretcher for rescue or a monitor to launch water.

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