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ITURRI, desde 1947 trabajando para hacer más segura la vida de las personas y proteger su entorno.

Vehicle Factories

Vehicles Factories

Vehicle Factories

At ITURRI we have four vehicle factories in Spain, Brazil and Germany. In total, more than 200 people dedicated over an area of 100,000 m2 to the bodywork of emergency, special and fire fighting vehicles, with a production capacity of 500 vehicles per year.

Alcalá de Henares - España

Fábrica de vehículos ITURRI Atibaia

Atibaia - Brasil

Fábrica de vehículos ITURRI Wilnsdorf

Wilnsdorf - Alemania

Fábrica de vehículos ITURRI Utrera

Utrera - España

Likewise, we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of chassis for airport vehicles, emergency equipment, engineering and customised firefighting facilities, as well as vehicle rental services.

Wilnsdorf - Germany

Fábrica de vehículos ITURRI Wilnsdorf

ITURRI’s fire and emergency vehicle factory located in Wilnsdorf (Siegerländer, North Rhine-Westphalia) currently has 85 people working on the design and production of 120 emergency vehicles per year. People with knowledge of fire brigades that make up an organization, the former Gimaex-Schmitz, with more than 60 years of experience acquired by ITURRI in 2018.

Its specialization in the manufacture of urban, industrial and airport fire fighting vehicles, special and command vehicles, for equipment, dangerous goods and decontamination systems.

The reliability of our vehicles, their durability, design and quality characterize our products, marked by our flexibility and customer orientation and the sustainability of our solutions, which every day save people and protect the assets of society. That is our motivation.

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Fábrica de vehículos ITURRI Wilnsdorf

Utrera - Spain

Fábrica de vehículos ITURRI Utrera

Considered one of the most advanced in Europe, the test track at the Utrera factory allows all the tests defined by international standards to be carried out to ensure the operability, reliability and safety of the vehicles manufactured, specifically emergency and fire fighting vehicles.

Located just 20 kilometers from Seville, it has an area of 11,500 m2, has three ramps with six slopes with different inclinations, from 17.5 percent to 51 percent.

Likewise, it has three circular tracks for maneuvers and a hydraulic platform system for checking static stability (tipping angle up to a maximum of 45º).

Dynamic-static tests, static and braking stability and climbing ability tests, turning radius checking circuits, braking and acceleration, checking the approach and departure angle, and minimum ground clearance can be carried out at our facilities.

Fábrica de vehículos ITURRI Utrera

After-Sales Service

To meet the needs of each client, we have an After-Sales Service that can perform all kinds of maintenance work, both preventive and corrective. For this, it has three fully equipped workshop vehicles and a team of specialized technicians.

For repairs that cannot be carried out “in situ”, we offer the service of our two repair workshops located in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and Utrera (Seville), both equipped with all the necessary means.

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