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ITURRI, desde 1947 trabajando para hacer más segura la vida de las personas y proteger su entorno.


Footwear for all sectors and environments

Manufacture and distribution of military, labor, health and emergency footwear. Technology and experience to offer a high quality product adapted to any need.


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At ITURRI we work with the main manufacturers to cover all risks in the industry. We also have our own range (Kingsmann, formerly PSH) made up of more than 30 models. The “metal free” footwear (without metallic elements) stands out, as well as the latest developments that seek solutions betting on comfort and design and ensuring continuous protection.

Industrial Footwear

Calzado ITURRI

At ITURRI we have our own range of footwear, made up of more than 30 models; and we work with the main manufacturers to cover all risks in the industry.

Firefighters and Emergencies

Calzado ITURRI Bomberos

Fire intervention and rescue boots are adapted to the needs of each type of emergency according to the sector: airports, urban, forestry, industrial …

Military and Police

Calzado ITURRI Militar

ITURRI is a leader in the manufacture of military and police footwear, half a million soldiers and policemen around the world count on our footwear every day.


Calzado ITURRI Medical

We respond to the needs of medical personnel, emergency technicians and any worker in the health sector.


At ITURRI we have technical offices for the elaboration of samples tailored to our clients and garment factories to achieve a production of more than 250,000 industrial, firefighting, military and sanitary garments each year.

Tailor-made solutions based on

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