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ITURRI, desde 1947 trabajando para hacer más segura la vida de las personas y proteger su entorno.

Military Garments

Military Garments

Military Garments

The clothing used by the Armies is a clear reference in the future use of technical clothing applicable in many sectors. Aware of its importance, at ITURRI we have focused for years on the continuous development of products that meet the growing demands of protective clothing.

ITURRI Defensa Militar

They rely on a comprehensive approach to their proposal: systems that fully solve the needs of customers in their work environment, rather than in individual developments with difficulty to integrate.

With more than 30 lines of research in different fields (fire-retardant, outdoor, NBC, ballistic protection, etc.), ITURRI is committed to military clothing as the basis for its future growth.

Tailor-made solutions based on

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