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Garments for all sectors and environments

We are specialists in the design, manufacture and distribution of garments adapted to industrial sectors, firefighters, security forces, medical…

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Garments for industrial sectors

ITURRI is a specialist in workwear, corporate image and protection. Our production capacity and knowledge of each type of industry is an advantage when using fabrics appropriate to the risk or image, current regulations and the design corresponding to any work environment.

Our knowledge of the needs and demands of industrial clothing has led us to specialize in three large areas: Workwear, protection and corporate wear and image garments.

Fire Fighters Garments

ITURRI firefighters clothing adapts to any situation (fire intervention, rescue, water, park, etc.) to meet the needs of each type of emergency according to the sector, whether in airports or urban, rural, forest, industrial and military.

To ITURRI’s manufacturing and design capacity, we add innovation in all kinds of solutions and products together with our first-line partners: 3M, DuPont, Estambril, Gore, etc.

Military Garments

The clothing used by the Armies is a clear reference in the future use of technical clothing in many sectors. Aware of its importance, at ITURRI we focus our innovation on the military sector for years for the continued development of products that meet the growing demands of protective garments.

The design and manufacture of our garments, under rigorous quality procedures, ensure their comfort, ergonomics and lightness, guaranteeing effectiveness, safety and efficiency in any intervention.

Medical Garments

At ITURRI we conceive medical garments as a guarantee of safety, protection and hygiene for patients and healthcare professionals. We work to achieve the best regenerative tissues with healing, antibacterial, repellent, ergonomic and breathable properties.

We offer a wide variety of options and its design is personalized and flexible to respond to the specific requirements of each client.

Renting - Laundry & Maintenance of PPE and Garments

Renting system allows workers to have their uniforms and PPE adjusted to the requirements of their work and always in perfect condition. In this way we guarantee the maintenance, washing and repair of garments or PPE. It is a tailor-made system that allows contracting both the complete service and any activity in the management process in isolation.

We offer a wide variety of options and its design is personalized and flexible to respond to the specific requirements of each client.


At ITURRI we have technical offices for the elaboration of samples tailored to our clients and garment factories to achieve a production of more than 250,000 industrial, firefighting, military and sanitary garments each year.

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