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Renting – Laundry & Maintenance of PPE and Garments

Laundry & Maintenance of PPE Garments

Laundry & Maintenance of PPE and Garments

Our Comprehensive Garments Management system allows workers to have their uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) always in perfect condition, adjusted to the requirements of their work.

It is a renting that also takes care of the maintenance, washing and repair of the garment or PPE.

The distribution of clothes and PPE is done through numbered lockers. Each worker has his own password that allows him to have his clean clothes available immediately. The dirty one is returned to the container specially indicated for this purpose.

Garments Renting: How It Works

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Garments delivery, collection and return service

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Washing, disinfection and sterilization of garments and PPE

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Traceability, registration and control of clothing


  • Safety and hygiene. All regulations and legal requirements for safety, hygiene and equipment certification are met at all times. Employees always have their intervention team with 100% protection guarantees.
  • Corporate image. An impeccable, consistent and confident image of the company is created and maintained.
  • Environment. Management and elimination of possible polluting products adhered to the clothing.
  • Economical Budget control, explicit expenses and no hidden costs.

PPE maintenance

PPE maintenance goes beyond its washing or repair. ITURRI offers a multitude of possibilities to facilitate the task of distribution and management, eliminating those processes that do not add value to the client’s chain of activities. This translates into total cost savings.

  • Distribution and management of PPE (clothing, gloves, caps, glasses, etc.) via the use of vending machines with automatic dispensing.
  • Gloves washing and distribution at the point of use.
  • Personalized management and distribution of the complete work equipment kit to workers at their workplace.
  • Distribution of expendable materials from your property to points of use.
  • Management of your warehouses with own resources.
  • Mobile containers with enough equipment to attend specific periods of greater activity.
  • Maintenance and calibration of gas detectors.

TotalCare Service

TotalCare service is specifically designed for the firefighter. Special care is taken to ensure that the intervention garments keep all the layers in perfect condition. The cleaning process is meticulous and culminates in a detailed and individualized inspection.

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