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PPE & Collective Protection

PPE & Collective Protection

PPE & Collective Protection

At ITURRI we work daily to protect people and their environment with innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions. To do this, we develop daily personal protective equipment (PPE), tools and solutions for collective protection and against emergencies and nuclear, biological and chemical risks (NBC).

EPI Protección Individual

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Innovating, developing and offering a range of products adapted to needs are the premises on which our proposal for personal protective equipment (PPE) is based to respond to very different needs according to each country and sector.

We have a real capacity for globalization, which allows us to offer the same solution for the same risk in different countries. A critical aspect for global initiatives with work centers around the world.

Safety footwear, protective gloves and the rest of individual protections (respiratory, head, eye, hearing, trunk and falls) are the main groups of families that make up our offer.

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Other types of Collective Protection

Ergonomic and anti-fatigue solutions

Acoustic attenuation solutions

Gas detection

Anti-welding protection

EPI Protección NBQ

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection (NBC)

ITURRI offers a complete range of integrated systems for both personal and collective protection and decontamination systems, associating each of them with training, maintenance and innovation that favors customer needs.

Protection solutions against nuclear, biological and chemical (CBN) emergencies are not limited to the specific garment or PPE. According to each case, they have application in the industrial, military, hospital and any other emergency scenarios.

At ITURRI we collaborate with the NBC Defense Military School as well as with the La Marañosa Technological Institute and other national and international NBC textile and material testing centers and laboratories such as AITEX or TNO so that our solutions cover the entire application process of the protocols required in this type of emergency:
Personal and Collective Protection, Detection and Identification, and Decontamination and detoxification.

Personal and Collective Protection

  • Respiratory protection: autonomous and semi-autonomous equipment, motorized filters with hood or mask and specific filters.
  • Body protection, with disposable, limited-life or reusable suits with or without air supply and refrigeration.
  • Removable, pneumatic, rigid folding and containerized flexible structures. COLPRO (Collective Protection) watertight systems. It consists of pressurized pneumatic tents (containers) or their inner lining systems, where air filtering and pressurization systems are installed. This allows the creation of lock zones and flow directions that prevent contamination of the interior and, in some cases, it is reversible, interior-exterior.

Detection e Identification

For nuclear radiation, chemical, industrial and warfare agents, biological, in fixed portable equipment or remote sensing. Intervention platforms in NBC areas:

  • For reconnaissance, analysis, extinction, refrigeration, rescue.
  • Hybrid propulsion, airborne, monohull, unmanned.

Decontamination y Detoxification

  • Low and high pressure pumps with cold or hot water and steam, in portable elements, towable or in ISO containers.
  • Decontaminants for equipment and materials, people and sensitive equipment, powders, liquids and aerosols.

Tailor-made solutions based on

closeness, understanding and knowledge

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