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Firefighters Garments

Firefighters Garments

Firefighters Garments

During an intervention, the firefighter can be exposed to temperatures above 1000 degrees. A situation in which the risks of burns and suffocation are maximum. Adequate protection coupled with excellent comfort and ergonomic features, in addition to saving their lives, makes the performance of the action optimal.

The fire fighting and rescue clothing is adapted to the needs of each type of emergency according to the sector: airports, urban, rural, forestry, industrial and military.

At ITURRI we investigate to obtain the fabrics with the best results. The design and manufacture of the garment, controlled by rigorous quality procedures, ensure its comfort, ergonomics and lightness, guaranteeing effectiveness, safety and efficiency in any intervention.

ITURRI is a leader in the manufacture of clothing for firefighters in Spain, dressing more than 9,000 firefighters each year. Professionals to whom we offer tailor-made services: personalized designs, extensive range of fire retardant fabrics, renting contracts, garment maintenance, scheduled deliveries …

We offer the most complete range of flame retardant fabrics, a blend of Nomex® with viscose, with a personalized design for divers, shirts, pants …

The construction is highly technical to guarantee maximum protection and taking care of every detail: flame retardant zippers with double flap and velcro, face mask, cuffs with velcro adjustment, sleeve fastening straps, reflective textiles, elastic adjustments, back gusset, padded reinforcement in elbows, etc. In addition, the weight of each garment varies at the customer’s request.

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