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Fire fighting facilities and equipment

Firefighting Facilities & Equipment

Firefighting Facilities and Equipment

ITURRI develops and installs firefighting facilities, global solutions for the sectors of the petrochemical industry, high risk industry and industrial energy plants.

Firefighting Facilities

  • Analysis of the risks to protect according to current regulations.
  • Detailed engineering, design and calculations of the most suitable systems.
  • Supply, manufacture and assembly, as well as construction management at the foot of it.
  • Testing, commissioning and training.
  • Maintenance of systems according to regulations, conducting quarterly and annual reviews.
instalaciones contraincendios plantas industriales

ITURRI, motivated by its experience and tradition in firefighting facilities, equipment and installations, has developed a set of its own and unique solutions that can be applied to different environments.

instalaciones contraincendios plantas industriales

Firefighting equipment

Extinguishing agents and extinguishing equipment, fire extinguishers, cabinets, loading machines and other accessories, hoses, fittings and bifurcations, extinguishing lances and monitors, hydrants, foam equipment, motor pumps…

Tailor-made solutions based on

closeness, understanding and knowledge

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