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Protection of Forest Environment

Protection of Forest Environment

Protection of Forest Environment

Fighting forest fires is a growing problem across the globe. Spain is a world reference country in the prevention and extinction of this type of accident. Our experience has allowed us to advance solutions and assume a personal commitment to protect the environment.

ITURRI Protección Forestal

Continuous contact with clients, the collaboration of specialists and our industrial and innovation capacity are our value proposition. These factors allow us to offer solutions applicable to the different programs for the protection and defense of forest ecosystems against fires, covering the different activities for this purpose.

Wildfire Vehicle

Robust vehicles with all-wheel drive (minimum 4×4) suitable for coping with all kinds of adverse conditions in forest environments. Designed to house a large capacity for all types of interventions.

ITURRI designs and manages audits and defence plans against forest fires. A comprehensive solution that includes the necessary steps to create an effective fire prevention and extinguishing device.


Our costume is tailored to the needs of each type of emergency according to the sector. For this reason, we investigated for tissues with the best results to ensure comfort and ergonomics and ensure its effectiveness, safety and efficiency in any intervention.

Education and Training: ITURRI offers education and training courses adapted to each group, with the aim of providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge that allow them to confront safely the situations that arise in their area of responsibility.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

At ITURRI we combine the defense of the environment with complete personal protection: helmets, gloves, respiratory, head, eye, facial, hearing, height, thoracolumbar protection, etc.

Tools and Equipment: ITURRI’s portfolio of solutions includes rakes, hoes, pulaskis, fire-batters, shovels, podons, chainsaws and brushcutters, as well as hydraulic material and portable meteorology equipment.


We offer the widest range of footwear for forest environments, from boots for fire prevention work, to footwear certified according to the UNE-EN 15090 Standard.

Tailor-made solutions based on

closeness, understanding and knowledge

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