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Fire Fighting Solutions in Industrial Plants

Fire Fighting Solutions in Industrial Plants

ITURRI, motivated by its experience and tradition in firefighting equipment and installations, has developed a set of its own and unique solutions applicable to different environments.

UEEX - Special Fire Extinction Unit

Special Extinguishing Unit (Unidad Especial de Extinción, UEEX) is the set of mobile means necessary to extinguish a full surface fire in a large diameter hydrocarbon storage tank.

Although refineries have high security measures, the hazard index cannot be reduced to zero. The fire of a tank not only means the loss of fuel but also implies a risk of deflagration that can endanger the entire complex.

Covering the entire area with extinguishing equipment would be extremely expensive, but it could also be ineffective because in case of fire or explosion they could be damaged and rendered inoperative. The situation could be further complicated by a full surface fire from an accident caused by a roof collapse in a floating roof tank.

In this case, the only possible way to attack the fire is by filling the tank with foam, launching it from a safe distance using mobile monitors on high flow trailer. Reaction time is very valuable and the UEEX solution is ideal in this scenario.

Mobile equipment:

  • High flow monitors.
  • High flow pumps up to 30,000 liters per minute.
  • Hose storage containers, automatic deployment and collection.
  • Foam transfer systems.
  • Gondola trucks to transport equipment between refineries.

Incluided Services:

  • Previous hydraulic studies of the water networks against fire in the refineries.
  • Realization of Prefire Plans defining attack plan in each tank according to wind direction.
  • Definition of the necessary location for new connections in the hydrant network for feeding high-flow hoses.
    Preparation of areas for the location and transfer of equipment in the refinery.
  • Total Renting option through annual fee for all concepts.
  • Specialized training in equipment management and extinction tactics.
  • Annual equipment maintenance program.
    Annual program of drills for training of refinery fire brigades.
  • Permanent technical support line of specialist firefighters-technicians.
    Transfer of equipment between refineries, if applicable.
  • Responsible person in the ITURRI Group for the coordination and leadership of the complete program.
  • Supervision and design in extinguishing techniques..
instalaciones contraincendios plantas industriales

Mobile Solutions for Provision of High Flow Water supply

Equipment designed to transfer large amounts of water in the following emergency scenarios. The main emergency situations and scenarios in which these solutions are necessary are:

  • Large fires and explosions in petrochemical plants.
  • Floods.
  • Forest fires.
  • Nuclear emergencies.
  • Earthquakes.

In these cases, our solutions include the evaluation of the potential risk and a complete emergency plan: equipment, logistics and necessary training, advising the end user on the most appropriate solution for their needs.

In recent years, our solutions have been present in such critical incidents as the Buncefield Depot fire in the UK, where 22 hydrocarbon storage tanks burned in a very short time; or the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan, where thanks to these solutions it was possible to mitigate the heating in the core of the reactors.

Contenedores de paradas plantas industriales

Shut-down Container

The maintenance shutdown supposes a stoppage in the production plants to undertake cleaning work, reengineering works, etc.

These are jobs necessary for the proper functioning of the plant that require an agile response and service. The one-month stoppage can involve the work of between 500 and 3,000 operators who need equipment temporarily that is in perfect condition and that complies with all safety regulations. With this objective, the Stop Container was born, a cabin with the necessary material and the appropriate service personnel.

It is a solution that is already in place in the main oil refineries and the chemical industry. An innovative solution not only for the products it supplies, but also and especially for the service it provides. ITURRI personnel travel to the facilities where the shutdown is made and proceed to start up this device, fulfilling a series of tasks:

  • Renting and maintenance of respiratory equipment, gas detectors and other equipment.
  • Management and logistic control of warehouses with distribution and delivery within the plant.
  • Complementary services: sale of equipment, installation of lifelines or rescue.
  • Training.
  • Confined space audits.
Mangueras plantas industriales

Hose Logistics in Industrial Plants

In petrochemical or industrial complexes, 1,000 sections of hoses of different kinds (air, water, nitrogen, steam, chemical) can coincide, whose condition must be ensured.

With the aim of having a service for the control, revision and replacement of hoses, ITURRI has developed a solution that is adaptable locally or even that coordinates different locations simultaneously.

This service ensures the correct condition of the product and compliance with regulations, as well as suggesting recommendations and improvements that allow optimizing the use, management and maintenance of the hoses.

SImulacro incendio plantas industriales

Fire Drills and Training

Training is critical to safety. Knowledge of fire fighting is essential for personnel working in environments with this type of risk.

ITURRI has the best professionals to give the client not only theoretical data but also self-confidence. He is a specialist in training for refineries, chemical plants, civil firefighters, forest firefighters and airport firefighters.

In addition, it designs and builds custom simulation parks at the user’s facilities.

Tailor-made solutions based on

closeness, understanding and knowledge

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