More than 900 professionals with a strong orientation to team working make up the ITURRI Group. They are a team of people which is ever more multicultural and multi disciplinary and whose main virtues are cohesion, responsibility, respect and trust. Professionalism, specialisation and training are the base for offering the best service.

S Hicham Harrak

Hicham Harrak Commercial Expert for New Markets Morocco

"Being part of an international group allows me to learn about different cultures and exchange ideas on a daily basis, which is a great opportunity for everyone."
S Burkhard Bauer

Burkhard Bauer Product Manager, Defence Clothing Germany

"The client is always at the centre of our activity, and we focus on offering them solutions."
S Enrique Olmedo

Enrique Olmedo Head of General Services Spain

"Working with the new generations helps us strengthen our culture and values within the Group."

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Why work with the ITURRI Group?

The ITURRI Group offer professional development in the long term. For this they opt for continual training, constant challenges, a work environment based on team working, team spirit and the promotion of the spirit of continual improvement.

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