Protec Fire PROTEC-FIRE is the company within the ITURRI Group which is dedicated to:

  • Bodywork of fire fighting vehicles: urban, rural, forest, industrial, airport use.
  • Design and manufacturing of airport vehicle chassis
  • Bodywork of specialist vehicles: health transport, medical intensive care units, aviation refuelling trucks.
  • Fire prevention engineering
  • Emergency equipment
  • Turnkey fire prevention premises.

/ factories

Madrid (Alcalá de Henares)

Surface area: 10,000 m2
Human Resources: 40 people
Manufacturing capacity: 150 vehicles per year

Seville (Utrera)

Surface area: 45,000 m2
Human Resources: 80 people
Manufacturing capacity: 300 vehicles per year

/ test area for fire fighting vehicles

3 Pistas Pf 1

This track, which is considered the most advanced in Europe, allows us to carry out all of the tests defined by International regulations to ensure the operability, reliability and safety of the vehicles manufactured.
With an area of 11,500 m2, it includes the following areas and equipment:

  • 3 ramps with 6 different slopes, from 17.5% to 51%
  • 3 circular tracks
  • Hydraulic platform system to check static stability (overturn angle of up to a maximum of 45º)

3 Pistas Pf 2

The following tests can be carried out on these premises:

  • Dynamic-static test
  • Ascent capacity test
  • Braking stability test
  • Circuit to check the turn ratio
  • Braking circuit
  • Acceleration circuit
  • Approximation and exit angle check test
  • Minimum distance from ground check test
  • Vehicle static stability test system

/ after sales service

To cover the requirements of each customer, PROTEC-FIRE offers an After Sales Service which can carry out all types of maintenance work, both preventative as well as corrective. For this they have 3 fully equipped workshop vehicles and a team of 15 specialised technicians.

For those repairs which cannot be carried out on site, the ITURRI Group offer the services of their two Repair Workshops situated at their bases in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and Utrera (Seville), both equipped with the necessary resources.