7 EurosoftEurosoft is a family owned company which has been present on the market since 1992.

Since the very beginning the company has been delivering professional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that guarantees their users what is most important – SAFETY.

Realizing its basic aims, Eurosoft is proud of the fact that it has been both constantly raising security standards and systematically raising the consciousness of its workforce as far as safety is concerned.

Responsibility and awareness leads to safe and friendly working conditions. A constant aspiration to maximizing productive usage of the company resources and the knowledge of its staff constitute the proof of our awareness of constantly changing business situations and the ability to cope with them.

The company owns a modern office – warehouse complex located in Bielsko-Biała.

/ the staff

The company’s structure has been built on the ground of modern technological infrastructure to ensure optimal internal communication and efficient cooperation with customers.

High class specialists in safety at work and hygiene provide clients with a first class consultancy and service.

Professionalism which is a core principle of all the activities undertaken ensures efficient functioning of the company within the business environment and guarantees full awareness of concepts connected with personal protection at work.

Accounting as well as legal and part of transportation services function on an outsourcing basis.

Individual attention and care concerning particular brands confirms an in depth product knowledge and an ability to promote products properly.

Regular performance audits at customers’ premises ensure competent risk assessment and selection of proper preventive measures adapted to individual customer needs.

/ the customers

Comprehensive cooperation with customers bearing in mind the added value and services included in proES program implemented in case of long-term business relationship and thorough service.

/ the offer of products

The best known and valued world-wide brands can be found in Eurosoft’s offer. Such an offer guarantees the variety of choice from among PPE products which enriched with additional protective means provides safety in all working conditions.

Since 2005 Eurosoft has been associated with its first home brand – SELLET which is a group of products characterised by stable quality and highly competitive prices.

/ the offer of services

Eurosoft has the know-how and provides its customers with advanced services which are labeled as ProES. This is a complex outsourcing service:

ProES © logistics

Program includes customer service with the assurance of constant and systematic deliveries supported by continuous control of demands regarding work safety equipment, running of the consignment, storage facilities in order to lower the costs of logistics and creating an IT system of PPE distribution.

ProES © training

Training services connected with triggering clients’ awareness of the latest technologies used in creation of PPE and its usage, storage and conservation.

ProES © audit

PPE selection service based on estimation of the risk at the workstation.

The central concept of Eurosoft activity is a constant search for new solutions in the field of work safety as well as deliberate and well-organized study of the notion of work safety problems. All of the activities circle round the promotion of “Safety awareness”.

/ logistics

Bearing in mind our clients’ satisfaction and fastest possible completion of an order, optimal warehouse stock is maintained. Goods are stocked on the area of 1400 square meters. Our high-storage warehouse is equipped with 19 automatic highstorage units with a storability of 1260 pallets.

To maintain high quality and promptness of deliveries Eurosoft possesses its own transportation means and cooperates with highly-specialized forwarders. Eurosoft experience in logistic outsourcing services ensures the deadlines to be met.

/ other strengths

Since 2002 Eurosoft is accredited to ISO 9001:2000; Quality management certified system complying with the EN-PN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

  • Permanent development of the customer service routines & procedures in order to meet growing customers needs.
  • The constant training system in order to increase staff qualifications
  • Regular checking of customers’ satisfaction
  • Fully professional marketing – technical materials available for customers
  • Attractive loyal programs for customers
  • Modern electronic data processing system integrating all fields of activity and assuring detailed recognition of specific needs of each customer, as well as treating them individually: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Honesty and financial reliability in co-operation with both customers and suppliers, applying the rules of fair market competition
  • The staff of PPE specialists that guarantees all the customers professional help and support to create safe and healthy working environment
  • ”Gazela Biznesu 2006” (Gazele of Business 2006) award in annual ranking for dynamically developing companies
  • Complex and efficient logistics service: high reliability of deliveries, short delivery time

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