2025 Vision


The ITURRI Group is focused on helping its clients in the field of security and protection of people, processes, assets and environment by providing tailored, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Its priority is:

  • Clients who are committed to security and sustainability, who require more than one product, service or solution.
  • The products and services provided or integrated into unique and innovative solutions should be employed in more than one sector.
  • Countries with close ties (physical, cultural, joint ventures) whose strategic clients are experiencing growth.

ITURRI is clearly committed to the manufacture and distribution of technical work wear, military footwear and fire fighting vehicles which comprise highly technical and innovative components.

The big difference is in ITURRI´s ability to provide tailored solutions, based on its close personal collaboration with the client, the in-depth understanding of its clients’ concerns and its global knowledge gained in its capacity as a multi-product, multi-country and multi-sector company.

/ 2025 vision

To lay the foundations of the company's future and fulfil its commitment to sustainability and organisation continuity, ITURRI has created a vision to be fulfilled by 2025. Five company values will govern the success:

  • Added value: Constantly seeking solutions with added value.
  • Efficiency. Simplification of procedures to ensure efficiency.
  • Team. Consolidation of our current team and creation of our team of the future.
  • Diversification. Diversify the sales quota in each country, without any market exceeding 30% of total sales.
  • Consistency. Maintain a strong and individual presence worldwide.

/ mission

The mission of the ITURRI Group is to ensure the satisfaction of its clients. To do so, we continually respond to their requirements with global solutions to satisfy their safety needs.

To accomplish this mission, ITURRI is supported by its wealth of experience and knowledge of the sectors in which it operates.