Motor vehicles that did not depend on fossil fuels for them to work seemed little more than a dream a few years ago. Currently the technological challenge is being overcome and there are applications which allow the mobility and functioning of machinery with alternative energies and solutions.

What it is

The HY88 Project is a team project of the ITURRI Group together with universities, laboratories, institutions and innovation forums specialised in engineering, sustainability, environmental issues and mobility, amongst others. It is financed by the Technological Funds programme of the CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Técnico Industrial, Centre for Technical Industrial Development).


The main aim of HY88 is to develop a 100% Spanish hybrid-electric propulsion vehicle which serves as a basic adaptable platform for mid and heavy range vehicles, with multiple applications both for civil and military use.

An 8x8 technological demonstrator vehicle is being worked on which allows evaluation of:

  • The propulsion system and management of the hybrid-electric energy, with a high power electric motor on each wheel
  • The intelligent suspension systems
  • The drive-by-wire systems
  • The advanced driving post
  • The light structural materials

Once the study has been completed, these will be applied and tested to check the viability of the vehicles developed and manufactured by the ITURRI Group.


  • Civil medium and heavy range vehicles
  • Military medium and heavy range vehicles