COMFUT (Future Soldier)

52 Comfut

Future soldiers will become an integrated part of the Army, working as part of a network. This will improve soldier awareness in regards to their surroundings at all times including their own position on the battlefield and friendly and enemy positions; efficiency will be dramatically increased as a result. This new development will improve thermal stability, increasing comfort and troop performance. Equally, advances in signature reduction will improve accuracy when visibility is reduced.

What is it?

This is a project promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Defence through the General Directorate of Armaments and Material.

The goal

Resolve the main shortcomings currently faced by soldiers:

  • Lack of situational knowledge
  • Insufficient protection
  • Vulnerability when faced with improved detection and security systems
  • Excessive dependency on logistical support during missions (food, water, energy, ammunition, medical aid)
  • Reduced mobility
  • Reduced ergonomy


  • Provide soldiers with technical information retrieved by planes, boats etc.
  • Improved security and efficiency during combat

ITURRI contributions

  • Survival equipment: Backpacks for electronic equipment, fuel cells, thermal gloves, cold weather suit, underwear, signature reduction suit, equipment pouches, eye protection gear, laser protection, NBC mask, NBC gloves.
  • Sustenance equipment: Food container, hydration unit, first aid kit (personal, NBC and unit), multi-use and multi-purpose tools, tape measure, roll of thin wire, nylon wire and hook, plastic insulation sheet, sling, glow sticks, lamp, cooking pot, magnesium block fire starter, bullet-laser boresighter.


  • 1999: Project launched
  • 2002: Feasibility study
  • 2005: Definitopm
  • 2006-2010: Design and development
  • 2012: First production phase (3000 units)
  • 2015: Second production phase (6000 units)