The activities of the ITURRI Group, has in all its details, the central reference point of the customer; the user of their products and services. For this reason, the concept of innovation is developed in each and every one of their processes, products and projects with a clear start point and aim: the customer.

Irradiating from this aim, innovation is an indispensable tool which the Group understand in an open and collaborative way: it is a continual process in which not only our own resources, rather also technological partners, academic and investigation centres and, of course, customers intervene and receive benefits.

The ITURRI Group currently has more than 30 lines of investigation and development of the sector open, most of which are based on their traditional industrial activity (footwear, clothing and vehicles) which continually benefit from the presence of the Group in different sectors and countries in different continents, therefore adding a differentiating nuance to their way of understanding and developing innovation.

COMFUT What it is

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Future soldiers will become an integrated part of the Army, working as part of a network. This will improve soldier awareness in regards to their surroundings at all times including their own position on the battlefield and friendly and enemy positions; efficiency will be dramatically increased as a result. This new development will improve thermal stability, increasing comfort and troop performance. Equally, advances in signature reduction will improve accuracy when visibility is reduced.


29 Ecopolyfire

Created with fire fighting vehicles in mind, this new body construction system is called EcoPolyFire. Built from a recyclable composite, it benefits from the latest innovative developments in the field. Given the use of best techniques, EcoPolyFire has been able to extend the warranty to 25 years, in addition to implementing a "reuse" process (second life) before vehicle retirement (to be transformed for other purposes).


52hy88 PMotor vehicles that did not depend on fossil fuels for them to work seemed little more than a dream a few years ago. Currently the technological challenge is being overcome and there are applications which allow the mobility and functioning of machinery with alternative energies and solutions.


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The ITURRI Group, under the name of the INFINITEX Project, leads a consortium made up of 15 companies and 11 technological centres which investigates a new generation of technical textiles with the support and participation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.