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The fight against forest fires is increasingly important worldwide. Spain is a global reference country in the prevention of this type of fire. Given its broad experience, ITURRI has been able to advance solutions and take on a personal commitment in protecting the environment.

In recent years, ITURRI has been the main provider to the Forestry Service of the Spanish autonomous communities, in addition to the Spanish Ministry of Rural, Marine and Natural Environment.

Through continuous contact with our clients, specialist collaboration and industrial and innovative capacity, ITURRI offers integrated solutions that can be applied to different fire protection and defence schemes for forest ecosystems, covering the different activities within this field. 

/ consultancy and design of forest fire defence plans 

Forest fire defence plans establish necessary actions for protecting a given territory in the event of fire. They include risk analysis and quantification, vulnerability, territorial zoning, sizing and location of human and material resources, and all aspects linked to the prevention, detection and extinguishing of forest fires. They can be performed at local, regional and national levels.

/ fire fighting vehicles

As a leader in the provision of bodywork for fire fighting vehicles, ITURRI designs vehicles specially adapted to each client, with a tank capacity of between 600 and 14,000 litres and chassis as required. In regards to forest fires, the following models are of particular interest:

  • Patrol and first response vehicles (600-1000 litres)
  • Medium-sized 4x4 forest fire engines (1000-2000 litres)
  • Large 4x4 forest fire engines (2500-4000 litres)
  • 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 fire tenders (10000-14000 litres)

/ clothing

  • ITURRI is a leader in the manufacture of forest fire fighting clothing in Spain.
  • It provides clothing to an average of 10,000 workers each year.
  • Various fabrics for different solutions. Complete range of fire-resistant fabrics, combining DuPont™Nomex® and viscose materials. Made-to-measure garment weight.Personalised designs adapted to the requirements of each client: overalls or shirt/trousers, reinforced with a variety of pockets and utility belts.
  • Garment rental schemes.

/ footwear

ITURRI offers a wide range of footwear, from specially designed forest fire prevention boots to UNE-EN 15090 certified footwear.

/ personal protective equipment (PPE)

Combining defence with total personal protection: helmets, gloves, respiratory devices, head, eye, facial, hearing, height and spine protection.

/ tools

Rakes, hoes, Pulaskis, firebeaters, spades, billhooks, power saws, electric weeders etc.

/ equipment

  • Hydraulic devices
  • Portable weather equipment

/ localisation and control measures

ITURRI's Gestfire solutions enable online tracking of system resources, making real-time coordination of given human resources and equipment possible.

/ training and preparation

ITURRI offers training and preparation courses adapted to each group.
The objective is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge allowing them to safely face situations in which they find themselves during the course of their involvement. We offer various possibilities, on both personal and material levels:

  • Basic training for responders
  • Intermediary training for supervisors
  • Advanced training for management
  • Continuous retraining

DuPont™ and Nomex® indicate trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

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Mike Sparrow Oxford Case Study
"We were impressed by ITURRI Group capabilities and staff"

Mike Sparrow
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