ITURRI Group provides to each airport global and personalized solutions to prevent or solve any emergency situation, with optimum efficiency and guarantying the maximum safety to its personnel.

Global and adapted solutions for the specific requirements of each airport, including:

  • Rescue and fire fighting vehicles
  • Fire fighting clothing
  • Fire fighting footwear
  • PPE (Personal protective equipment)
  • Rescue equipment and extinguishers
  • Design and construction of fire stations
  • Vehicle, clothing and PPE rental
  • After sales service
  • Training and preparation
  • GestFire: vehicle tracking and coordination system
  • Call centre support

/ emergencies regulations at airports

All ITURRI airport emergency solutions fulfil the requirements of the most prominent quality, fire protection, civil and military aviation regulations (ICAO, NFPA 414, CAP 168, AQAP 2110...).

ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization

The ICAO is a specialised agency of the United Nations created in 1944 (Chicago Convention); its objective is to investigate civil aviation issues and promote homogenised regulations and standards worldwide.

ICAO airport categories

Category Minimum Powder required Minimum water required
(Level B Foam)
1 45 kg 230 litres
2 90 kg 670 litres
3 135 kg 1200 litres
4 135kg 2400 litres
5 180 kg 5400 litres
6 225 kg 7900 litres
7 225 kg 12100 litres
8 450 kg 18200 litres
9 450 kg 24300 litres
10 450 kg 32300 litres

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association (USA)

US National Association for protection against fire; the NFPA specifically addresses the issue of aircraft fires through standard NFPA 414, which lays down requirements for aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles.

CAP168 - Civil Aviation (UNITED KINGDOM)

This standard assembles Civil Aviation aerodrome requirements in the United Kingdom in regards to management, operational procedures, physical characteristics, issue evaluation and management, visual support, rescue, fire fighting and medical services.

AQAP 2110 - NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production

This quality management standard applies to military aviation and governs the development and implementation of quality management systems for supply design, development and production pursuant to the requirements laid down.

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Mike Sparrow Oxford Case Study
"We were impressed by ITURRI Group capabilities and staff"

Mike Sparrow
Airport Manager London Oxford Airport