Defence and security forces

The ITURRI Group collaborates with the military and Spanish law enforcement agencies. ITURRI supplies and integrates equipment, tactical and operational systems. The solutions cover the design and manufacture of specific products to logistical requirements. The goal: increase operational efficiency.

Solutions offered by the ITURRI are based around four main competence areas:

  • In-house industrial capacity to design, develop and manufacture:
    • Security and military footwear
    • Military clothing (cold weather, NBC, fire-resistant, ballistics, etc.)
    • Tactical, logistical and fire fighting vehicles
  • Innovation ITURRI is leading the sustenance and survival aspects of the COMFUT (Future Soldier) programme. Furthermore, the Group is active in more than 30 lines of investigation regarding footwear, clothing and vehicles.
  • International presence and sector diversification ITURRI works with armies and police forces in various countries in addition to in various sectors that provide added value to solutions offered (Emergency Care, Health, Industry).
  • Integrated and project management capacities ITURRI aligns products, logistics and systems. They design finalised integrated solutions for its clients.

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