What we do

The ITURRI Group is focused on helping its customers in the field of security and the protection of people, processes, assets and environment, providing them with tailored, innovative and sustainable solutions.

It is clearly committed to the manufacture and distribution of technical clothing, military footwear and fire fighting vehicles which are highly technical and innovative in nature.

The small factor that makes a big difference is in the ability to provide tailored solutions, based on a customer-focused approach, the in-depth understanding of the clients’ problems and its global knowledge since ITURRI is a multi-product, multi-country and multi-sector company.

/ innovation


Future soldiers will become an integrated part of the Army, working as part of a network. This will improve soldier awareness in regards to their surroundings at all times including their own position on the battlefield and friendly and enemy positions; efficiency will be dramatically increased as a result. This new development will improve thermal stability, increasing comfort and troop performance. Equally, advances in signature reduction will improve accuracy when visibility is reduced.


Created with fire fighting vehicles in mind, this new body construction system is called EcoPolyFire. Built from a recyclable composite, it benefits from the latest innovative developments in the field. Given the use of best techniques, EcoPolyFire has been able to extend the warranty to 25 years, in addition to implementing a "reuse" process (second life) before vehicle retirement (to be transformed for other purposes).