Urban Vehicles

Urbanos Cabecera

The ITURRI Group boasts the widest range of fire fighting vehicles on the market, with aerial apparatus and command vehicles for urban and peri-urban areas. They are leaders in fire brigades in France, Chile, Spain and Portugal, with innovative designs adapted to the specific needs of each client.

ITURRI builds vehicles with water capacities of 600 to 4000 litres, single and double cabs, lockers with maximum space for equipment, etc. The best chassis on the market are used: IVECO, Man, Renault and Mercedes, among others.

The bodywork on the new exclusive ECOPOLYFIRE technology is 100% recyclable, lighter, more resistant and longer lasting than other materials, allowing greater capacity for water and more compact vehicles for excellent manoeuvrability in an urban environment.

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Light range

  • 4x2 vehicles of less than 7 tonnes with single or double cabs with maximum ergonomics, capacity of 600 to 1400 litres and pumps of 750 to 1000 litres/min at 10 bars
  • Perfect combination of urban mobility and extinguishing power, with excellent performance on narrow streets
  • Two lockers with a large capacity for rescue equipment

Medium Range

104 Gama Media
  • 4x2 vehicles of 7 to 12 tonnes with double cab with maximum ergonomics, capacity of 1600 to 2000 litres and pumps of 1000 to 1500 litres/min at 10 and 15 bars
  • Perfect balance between urban mobility and extinguishing power similar to the heavy range, facilitating its manoeuvrability in heavy traffic
  • Up to four lockers with a large capacity for rescue equipment

Heavy Range

104 Gama Pesada
  • 4x2 vehicles of 13 to 15 tonnes with a double cab with maximum ergonomics, capacity of 3000 to 4000 litres and pumps of 1500 to 3000 litres/min at 15 bars
  • Compact and multifunctional, they combine a maximum extinguishing capacity with their large capacity for transporting rescue teams, which enables them to act in all types of emergency situations: traffic accidents, fires, rescues, etc
  • Six lockers with a large capacity for rescue equipment

/ vehicles with aerial apparatus

IVECO-MAGIRUS Turntable Ladder

104 Auto Escalera Iveco Magirus

The ITURRI Group is the official distributor of the IVECO-MAGIRUS Turntable Ladder in Spain, the world leader of this type of vehicle.

Turntable ladder vehicles are mixed rescue and fire extinguishing vehicles with platforms for rescue from heights and they boast a fully automatic operation system, high manoeuvrability speed and great reliability. They have the highest and most versatile ladders on the market: 27m, 32m, 39m, 42m, 55m and 60m.

The turntable ladder vehicles have 4 outriggers under the vehicle which adapt to the available width of the space and can balance the ladder even when the ground is uneven.

Possibility of articulating and extending the last section of the ladder enabling rescue teams to work -40º above the horizontal. Thus the fire fighters can attack fires from behind roofs, or carry out rescue work in deep areas.

The rescue cage enables the adaptation of different accessories such as a rescue stretcher or a monitor to spray water.

VEMA aerial platforms

104 Brazo Rescate Vema

The ITURRI Group is the official distributor of the VEMA rescue boom in Spain.

The rescue booms enable the rescue of people as well as extinguishing fires.

The rescue cage has a large load capacity (500Kg) and allows horizontal turning to approach the target. The vehicles incorporate the majority of rescue and extinguishing components on a permanent basis: water/foam monitor of 3,800 LPM to 8 bar, folding tray for stretcher and lighting.

/ command vehicles

ACP (Advanced Control Post)

104 Selec Pma

The ACP is a mobile container, furnished and equipped with communication equipment, from where the operations of the different teams involved in an emergency are managed and coordinated: fire fighters, police, ambulances, civil protection, etc.

It is easily and quickly transported and installed which enables immediate action in any emergency situation.


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Mike Sparrow Oxford Case Study
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