SITUARIS is a vehicle fleet management system by means of an online control centre which enables:

  • The GPS position of vehicles to be found out in real time.
  • The condition of these vehicles to be found out: water and battery levels, rotating beacons, etc.
  • Management of the different actions and problems which may arise during the operations.
  • This system has an individual application option which, with the same technology, allows the position and status of staff to be managed during operations. It has a warning system which warns in the event of life-threatening danger (“dead man”) and can save lives.

/ Applications


  • Vehicle sensor systems: water level, foam level, battery level, siren, rotating beacons, etc.
  • Service management and action protocols for fire fighters

Forest Fires

  • Localisation and coordination of resource system in the prevention and extinguishing fires even in the most remote areas
  • Vehicle sensor system: water level, battery level, shutters, rotating beacons, etc.
  • Weather station

Rubbish collection and cleaning

  • Vehicle sensor system according to activity