Rural Vehicles

Vehículo Rural (1)

A new and exclusive range of vehicles developed by the ITURRI Group to cover the specific needs of emergency situations in rural environments in any climatic conditions. They are an innovative alternative to urban vehicles, with an excellent combination of all-terrain mobility, extinguishing ability and maximum space for equipment.

The bodywork on the new exclusive ECOPOLYFIRE technology is 100% recyclable, lighter, more resistant and longer lasting than other materials, allowing greater capacity for water and more compact vehicles for excellent manoeuvrability in any environment.

Light range

104 Ligero
  • 4x4 vehicles of less than 7 tonnes, capacity of 1400 to 2000 litres, pump of 750 to 1000 litres/minute at 10 bars, with a single or double cabin with maximum ergonomics.
  • Compact, they allow for excellent mobility both in narrow streets and wider roads and steep tracks in any weather conditions.
  • Perfect balance between manoeuvrability in an all-terrain and a large extinguishing capacity maintaining sufficient space for the right equipment.
  • Recommended chassis: IVECO Daily, BREMACH Trex.

Medium Range

104 Medio
  • 4x4 vehicles of 12 to 14 tonnes, extinguishing capacity of 2800 to 3500 litres, pump of 1000 to 1500 litres/minute at 15 bars, with single or double cabin with maximum ergonomics.
  • Excellent handling of very abrupt and steep routes and terrain, in extreme weather conditions (snow, floods, etc).
  • More multifunctional than urban vehicles in rural environments.
  • Perfect balance between manoeuvrability on complex terrain in extreme weather conditions and a large extinguishing capacity with maximum space for equipment.
  • Large variety of chassis: IVECO, Man, Mercedes, Renault.


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Mike Sparrow Oxford Case Study
"We were impressed by ITURRI Group capabilities and staff"

Mike Sparrow
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