Military Vehicles

107 Vehiculo Blindado Sherpa 3

The ITURRI Group has a long tradition in the design, development and manufacture of vehicles (essentially trucks) focusing on the emergency services. As a result of this experience, its magnificent industrial premises in Seville and Madrid, and its commitment to the military sector, ITURRI began a new business line in the field of military vehicles, which is based, not just on the aforementioned capacities, but on its alliance with RENAULT TRUCKS DEFENCE.

The fundamental objective of ITURRI is the development of a technical and economic solution better adapted to the needs of the clients in two fundamental areas:

  • The supply of tactical and armoured vehicles
  • The maintenance and modernisation of military vehicles


Complete range of products which are adapted to the client’s specifications to resolve any problems concerning mobility, armour plating, C4i system, weapons system, etc.

4x4 Systems

4x4 1
  • Cargo capacity of over 2 tonnes
  • Excellent mobility
  • Fully configurable platforms: cargo, ambulance, transportation of troops, weapons system platform, Police, etc.
  • Level of armour plating comparable to the STANAG 3

6x6 Systems

6x6 2
  • Infantry fighting, weapons system platform and MRAP
  • Level of armour plating comparable to the STANAG 4
  • Light
  • Fully adaptable for any combat mission


4x4, 6x6 and 8x8

  • Cargo capacity from 6 to 30 tonnes
  • On-road and off-road mobility
  • NATO Standard
  • Easy maintenance based on the industrial standard


The ITURRI Group boasts an engineering team experienced in the complete modernisation and updating of vehicles for:

  • Installation of new engines with no or little modification to the shell
  • Renewal of the armoured plating
  • Vision sight and fire extinguishing system
  • Caterpillar track system


  • Support in the maintenance of the entire fleet
  • Management of spare parts
  • Configuration control
  • Storage and disposal