Airport vehicles

Airport vehicles provided by ITURRI are state of the art and are equipped with the best features available on the market in regards to stability, ergonomy and all-terrain performance. They guarantee total efficiency in emergencies and offer maximum security to crew members.

The vehicles are adapted to the specific requirements of each airport, from ICAO categories 1 to 10. They have been developed with the cutting-edge technology, allowing optimum performance in all emergencies. On-board features exceed those stipulated by ICAO, NFPA and CAP168 international regulations. The vehicles offer a wide variety of options; their made-to-measure and flexible design responds to the specific requirements of each of our clients.

/ fire fighting vehicles on special chassis

T 4x4 · VIM 61 MTEC 454

103 Toro 4 X4

This 4x4 vehicle is the most compact of its category measuring 8.9 m in length, 2.55 m in width and 3.6 m in height. The T's all-terrain capabilities are the best on the market thanks to its exclusive hydraulic suspension and automatic tyre deflation systems.

  • Capacity to store 6,100 litres of water, 800 litres of foam and 250 kg of chemical powder.
  • Acceleration from 0 to 80 km/h in 24 seconds, reaching a maximum of 125 km/h, exceeding ICAO and NFPA requirements.
  • Cabin design facilitates maximum visibility, ergonomy and security of up to 5 crew members.

Certificate of CE homologation MTEC 454 chassis (pdf, 2.8Mb)

Quality Control Tests Results T 4X4 ARFF on MTEC 454 chassis (pdf, 270Kb)

T 6x6 · VIM 120 MTEC 670

Toro 6 X6 2011

This state of the art 6x6 vehicle is equipped with the best acceleration, stability, ergonomy and safety features on the market, in addition to offering excellent all-terrain performance.

  • Large extinguishing capacity of 12,000 litres of water, 1,500 litres of foam and 250 kg of chemical powder.
  • Designed to exceed ICAO, NFPA and CAP168 requirements.
  • Personalised to adapt to the specific requirements of each airport.
  • New cabin with excellent ergonomy and visibility for between 2 and 5 crew members.
  • Maximum stability even in the most extreme conditions with a roll over angle of 32º, in comparison to the regulation requirement of 28º.
T 6x6 OACI for vehicles >4500 l
Acceleration from 0 to 80km/h 28 sec 40 sec
Roll over angle 32º 28º
Entry angle 30º 30º
Exit angle 30º 30º
Maximum speed > 125 Km/h 100 km/h
Braking distance at 32 km/h with service brake 9,5 m <10,5 m
Braking distance at 64 km/h with service brake 38,5 m <48 m
Braking distance at 64 km/h with emergency brake 68 m <88 m

/ fire fighting vehicles on commercial chassis

This range of vehicles is adapted to the fire fighting needs of airports with a smaller ICAO category, using commercial chassis such as MAN, RENAULT and MERCEDES.

These chassis have performances complying with ICAO standards at a reduced cost with easier maintenance and widely available after-sales services.

Water and foam capacities are available from 2.000 up to 12.000 liters on 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 chassis.

/ rescue stairs

ITURRI is a distributor of Tec Hünert rescue stairs.

RescueStair vehicles represent a new product concept providing a solution to a new generation of commercial aircraft. They are mainly designed for emergency evacuations at airports receiving the new Airbus 380 and future Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

/ refuelling vehicles for airlines

ITURRI manufactures refuelling vehicles incorporating the latest technology including also all needed safety devices to guarantee an efficient, quick and safe refuelling process.

Types of vehicles

  • Refuelling units
  • Hydrant dispensers and minidispensers

Additional equipment

  • Workstation platforms with a lifting and elevation capacity of up to 4 metres.
  • Hydraulic support legs for greater stability in platform operations.
  • Duplicated platform control.
  • Wireless deadman with multifunctional buttons (emergency stop, extension control).
  • Counter with an electric multifunctional head capable of recording the last 100 operations (aircraft operator number, volume supplied).

Regulations for refuelling vehicles

  • EN 12312-5. Aircraft ground support equipment, Aircraft fuelling equipment.
  • NFPA 407. Aircraft fuel servicing.
  • ADR. European agreement concerning the International carriage of dangerous goods by roads.
  • API 1581. Microfilters.
  • EN 294. Safety of machinery.
  • EN 1361. Rubber hose for aircraft fuel servicing.


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Mike Sparrow Oxford Case Study
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