The ITURRI Group is a leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art vehicles adapted to the needs of each customer: emergency services, military, industrial plants, health workers, etc. It has 2 factories, one in Utrera (Seville, Spain) and the other in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain) with a production capacity of 400 vehicles per year and the most modern test tracks in Europe.

The vehicles attain levels of performance greater than those required by international standards such as UNE, ISO9001, AQAP, ICAO, NFPA, CAP168, etc. They have a great variety of options and their design is tailored and flexible to respond to the specific requirements of each customer.

/ Airport vehicles

Airport vehicles provided by ITURRI are state of the art and are equipped with the best features available on the market in regards to stability, ergonomy and all-terrain performance. They guarantee total efficiency in emergencies and offer maximum security to crew members

/ Industrial vehicles

Fire fighting vehicles for industrial plants

106 Cabecera Vehiculos Industriales

These vehicles are designed according to the operational characteristics and risks of each facility, whether refineries, chemical pole, solar power plants or fire brigade units for industrial zones.

Refuelling vehicles for airlines

Suministro Combustible

Vehicles which incorporates the latest technology including also all needed safety devices to guarantee an efficient, quick and safe refuelling process.

/ Urban Vehicles


The ITURRI Group boasts the widest range of fire fighting vehicles on the market, with aerial apparatus and command vehicles for urban and peri-urban areas. They are leaders in fire brigades in France, Chile, Spain and Portugal, with innovative designs adapted to the specific needs of each client.

/ Rural Vehicles


A new and exclusive range of vehicles developed by the ITURRI Group to cover the specific needs of emergency situations in rural environments in any climatic conditions. They are an innovative alternative to urban vehicles, with an excellent combination of all-terrain mobility, extinguishing ability and maximum space for equipment.

/ Forest Vehicles


The ITURRI Group is a leader in the bodywork of forest fire fighting vehicles. Its experience has been proven beyond all doubt over the years. Spain boasts one of the largest fleets or forest fire fighting vehicles in the world.

/ Fire fighting vehicle rental

84 Renting Vehiculos

The rental of fight fighting vehicles is offered on a 5 to 15 year basis; contracts cover the use and maintenance of the vehicles. This scheme is ideal for small fire stations or for those that are looking for a long term solution.

/ Situaris

102 Vehiculos

Situaris is a vehicle fleet management system by means of an online control centre which allows to know GPS position of vehicles to be found out in real time, the condition of these vehicles to be found out: water and battery levels, rotating beacons, etc. Management of the different actions and problems which may arise during the operations. This system has an individual application option which, with the same technology, allows the position and status of staff to be managed during operations. It has a warning system which warns in the event of life-threatening danger (“dead man”) and can save lives.


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