Industrial vehicles

106 Cabecera Vehiculos Industriales

/ fire fighting vehicles for industrial plants

106 Vehiculo Extincion Plantas IndustrialesVehicles designed according to the operational characteristics and risks of each facility, whether refineries, chemical pole, solar power plants or fire brigade units for industrial zones.

/ refuelling vehicles for airlines

106 Vehiculos IndustrialesITURRI manufactures refuelling vehicles incorporating the latest technology including also all needed safety devices to guarantee an efficient, quick and safe refuelling process.

Types of vehicles:

  • Refuelling units
  • Hydrant dispensers and minidispensers

Additional equipment:

  • Workstation platforms with a lifting and elevation capacity of up to 4 metres
  • Hydraulic support legs for greater stability in platform operations
  • Duplicated platform control
  • Wireless deadman with multifunctional buttons (emergency stop, extension control)
  • Counter with an electric multifunctional head capable of recording the last 100 operations (aircraft operator number, volume supplied)

Regulations for refuelling vehicles

  • EN 12312-5. Aircraft ground support equipment, Aircraft fuelling equipment
  • NFPA 407. Aircraft fuel servicing
  • ADR. European agreement concerning the International carriage of dangerous goods by roads
  • API 1581. Microfilters
  • EN 294. Safety of machinery
  • EN 1361. Rubber hose for aircraft fuel servicing

/ storage vehicles

These vehicles are specially designed support units for short-term responses. Types:

  • Container for spilt hydrocarbon material
  • Container to store cutting material
  • Container for demolitions
  • Container for rescue material

/ streets network maintenance vehicles

  • Cleaning and spraying vehicles
  • Waste recovery vehicles