PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

99 Epi Interior

Innovate, develop and offer a wide range of products customer-adapted are the premises upon which the ITURRI PPE proposal is based. This aims to respond to very different needs according to each country and sector. ITURRI prides itself on a real capacity for globalisation, enabling the same solution to be offered for the same risk throughout Europe. This is an aspect which is highly valuated and critical for the global initiatives of their clients as well as for their partners.

Safety shoes, protective gloves and the rest of personal protection (respiratory, head, ocular, auditory, torso and high work) are the principal groups of ITURRI product portfolio.

Each of the groups has premium brands (first level partners) and own brands.

  • More than 650 references in stock
  • Specialised Product Manager and Technical Team for each group
  • Development of supporting tools: online catalogue, special client catalogues, technical support files, job audits and tools for monitoring new applications
  • Training on regulations, risks, certifications, applications as well as market innovations
  • 99 Guantes De Protección

    Protective gloves

  • 99 Proteccion Auditiva

    Hearing protection

  • 99 Proteccion Cabeza

    Head protection

  • 99 Proteccion En Altura

    Fall protection

  • 99 Proteccion Ocular

    Eye protection

  • 99 Proteccion Respiratoria

    Respiratory protection

  • Full body protection