CBN Protection (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear)

101 Foto Nbq Cabecera

The protection solutions against nuclear, biological and chemical emergencies are not restricted to simply a garment or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), ITURRI offers training, product maintenance, innovative and comprehensive services which favour the client’s need. They are implemented in the industrial, military, hospital field and in any other emergency environment.

ITURRI is in close collaboration with the CBN Military School of Defence as well as the Technological Institute of La Marañosa and other national centres and textile and CBN material testing laboratories such as AITEX (Technological Textile Institute) or international centres such as the TNO.

The CBN solutions covers all the statements of this kind of emergencies:

1 Personal and Colletive protection

2 Detection and Identification

3 Decontamination and Detoxification systems

1 Personal and Collective protection

101 Nbq Proteccion Personal
  • Respiratory protection: independent equipment, semi-independent equipment, motorised filtration with a hood or mask and specific filters.
  • Bodily protection, with disposable suits, of limited useful life or re-usable with or without air supply and refrigeration.
  • Detachable, pneumatic, rigid, foldable, flexible structures in containers which can be opened out. COLPRO watertight systems.

2 Detection and identification

Nuclear radiation, industrial, war and biological chemical agents, in mobile, fixed or remote detection equipment.

101 Nbq Deteccion

Aerial CBN intervention platforms:

  • For recognition, analysis, extinguishing, refrigeration, rescue
  • Hybrid propulsion, air-transportable, single hull, unmanned

3 Decontamination and Detoxification systems

101 Nbq Descontaminacion
  • Pumps with high and low pressure with cold or hot water and steam, in mobile and towable elements or in ISO containers.
  • Decontaminators for equipment and materials, people and sensitive equipment, in powder form, liquids and aerosols.