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/ PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

99 Epi InteriorInnovate, develop and offer a wide range of products customer-adapted are the premises upon which the ITURRI PPE proposal is based. This aims to respond to very different needs according to each country and sector. ITURRI prides itself on a real capacity for globalisation, enabling the same solution to be offered for the same risk throughout Europe.


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Work at height involves an added danger. Not just the best products, but appropriate training on how to use them, are both essential factors.

/ CBN Protection (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear)

101 Foto Nbq   CabeceraThe protection solutions against nuclear, biological and chemical emergencies are not restricted to simply a garment or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), ITURRI offers training, product maintenance, innovative and comprehensive services which favour the client’s need. They are implemented in the industrial, military, hospital field and in any other emergency environment.