Concrete and measurable savings

The ITURRI Group is constantly working towards permanent systems which reduce the Total Management Cost with concrete and measurable savings for its clients.

ITURRI learned from its customers, that the three axes in the improvement of integral purchase management are as follows:

/ supplier base management

Restructuring relationships

  • Consolidation of contracts
  • Partnerships
  • Suppliers development
  • Long-term agreements / frameworks
  • Obtain better technical assistance

Increasing competition

  • Commitment to savings
  • Better information for analysis
  • Benchmarking of prices, performance
  • Services measurement

Restructuring the supplier base

  • Redistribution of volumes
  • Global sourcing
  • Supplier rationalisation

management of the internal purchase demand

Improve specifications

  • Establishing l optimal service level
  • Reducing quality excess
  • Standardising and unifying specifications
  • Lower cost specifications
  • Substitutions

Reducing consumption

  • Eliminating needs
  • Extending life cycle
  • Higher control & visibility
  • Budgetary and approval policies

Consolidating expenses

  • Purchasing alliances/co-operative
  • Discounts for bulk buying / Leverage

/ (TCO) total cost of ownership management

Optimising supply chain costs

  • Optimising the flow of physical goods
  • Integrating logistics
  • Reducing inventories
  • Warehouses/Deposits
  • Reduce and manage of obsolete items

Reducing Total Life-Cycle / ownership costs

  • Rent/Buy
  • Warranties
  • Greater durability
  • Reducing time between “need identification” to “good reception”

Reducing / eliminating transactions

  • Electronic connections
  • Reducing A/P (accounts payable) work
  • Lower product searches cost
  • Reduction of errors due to non-optimised communication