Fire safety equipment

111 Cabecera Equiposcontraincendio

In their long experience in fire fighting at the industry, they use to work a long list of equipments and elements that are part of the solutions they implement for customers.

Each solution is a taylor made one, combining the right elements and helping the user to protect its employees and facilities.

Some of these elements are: 

  • Fire extinguishing equipment and agents
  • Extinguishers and accessories : casings, chargers...
  • Hoses
  • Fittings couplings
  • Noozles
  • Monitors
  • Hydrants
  • Foam Equipment
  • Pump and high pressure equipment
  • Tanks and Deposits

  • 111 Lanza De Gran Caudal

    High flow lance

  • 111 Lanza Manual

    Manual lance

  • 111 Mangueras


  • 111 Monitor De Gran Caudal Sobre Remolque

    High flow monitor