Fire fighting solutions in Industrial Plants

Oil And Gas

The ITURRI Group motivated by their experience and tradition in fire fighting equipment and facilities has developed a series of unique and own solutions which can be applied to different environments:

/ Special Fire Extinction Unit (UEEX)

The Special Fire Extinction Unit (UEEX) consists in a range of resources needed for the extinction of a fire at ground level in a large scale, hydro carbonate storage tank, as well as the support logistics required.

Although refineries have high level safety measures, the index of risk can not be reduced to zero. Fire in a tank does not just mean the loss of the fuel but also implies the danger of explosion which could put the whole complex at risk.

Covering the whole area with extinction equipment would be very costly and furthermore could result to be inefficient given that in case of fire or explosion these could be damaged and become inoperable. The situation could be more complicated if a full surface fire was caused by an accident resulting from the collapse of the roof in a tank. In this case the only possible way to attack the fire would be to fill the tank with foam, this being done from a safety distance through mobile monitors on a large flow trailer. Reaction time is very valuable and the UEEX solution is ideal for this case.

Mobile Equipment:

  • High flow monitors
  • Pumps with up to 30,000 lpm (litres per minute)
  • Containers with hose storage, automatic roll out and collection
  • Foam transfer systems
  • Low loader to transfer equipment within refineries

Services included:

  • Prior hydraulic study of the refineries fire fighting water network
  • Preparation of Prefire Plans defining the attack plan for each tank depending on the wind direction
  • Definition of the required localisation of new connections to the hydrant network for provision to high flow hoses
  • Preparation of areas for storage and transfer of equipment in the refinery
  • Rental option through a levy for all concepts
  • Specialised training in handling of equipment and extinction tactics
  • Annual maintenance Programme of the equipment
  • Annual drill programme for training of refinery Fire Brigade
  • Permanent technical support line with specialist technicians fire fighters
  • Transfer of equipment between refineries where required
  • Member of the ITURRI Group defined as Head of Coordination and leadership of the complete programme
  • Supervision and design of extinction techniques

/ Mobile Solutions for provision of high flow water supply

79 Soluciones Gran CaudalEquipment designed to transfer large amounts of water in the following emergency situations:

  • Large scale fires and explosions in petrochemical plants
  • Floods
  • Forest Fires
  • Nuclear Emergencies
  • Earthquakes

The solutions contemplate the evaluation of the potential risk and a full emergency plan: equipment, logistics and required training, advising the end user in the most adequate solution to his needs.

In the last few years, these solutions have been present in critical incidents such as the Buncefield Depot fire in the United Kingdom, where 22 hydro carbonate storage tanks burned in a short space of time, in the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan; where the overheating of the nucleus of the reactors was mitigated thanks to these solutions.

/ Shut-down Container

79 Contenedor ParadasMaintenance shut-downs mean that the production plants are stopped for cleaning, reengineering work or other purposes. These tasks are required for the correct work of the plant and require a fast response and service. A month of shut-down could mean that between 500 and 3000 operators are working in the plant and could require equipment on a temporary basis. These equipments must be in perfect conditions of use and must fulfil all safety regulations. With this aim the Shut-down Container is born, a space with the required materials and the adequate service staff.

This is a solution which is already being used in the most important oil refineries and the chemical industry. An innovate solution not only due to the products supplied, but also, and especially due to the service provided. The ITURRI Group´ staff goes to the facility where the shut-down takes place and put this mechanism in place fulfilling a series of tasks:

  • Hiring and maintenance of breathing equipments, gas detectors and other equipment
  • Management and logistics control of storerooms with delivery and reception within the plant
  • Complimentary services: sale of equipment, installation of life lines and rescue lines
  • Training
  • Audits in confined spaces

/ Hose logistics in industrial plants

In petrochemical or industrial plants more than 1,000 sections of hoses of different types (air, water, nitrogen, vapour or chemicals) may be set up. Their adequate state of conservation and fulfilment of regulations must be assured.

With the aim of having a service to control, review and replace hoses, ITURRI Group has developed a solution adaptable at a local level or which can even coordinate different locations simultaneously.

This service assures the correct state of the product and fulfilment of regulations, as well as suggesting recommendations and improvements for optimise the use, management and maintenance of the hoses.

/ Fire drills and training

79 FormacionTraining is a critical aspect for safety. The knowledge of fire extinction is fundamental for the personnel who work in areas with this type of risk. ITURRI Group has available the best professionals to provide the customer not only with technical data rather also confidence in themselves. They are specialists in training for refineries, chemical plants, civil fire fighters, forest fire fighters and airport fire fighters.

Furthermore, they design and construct drill parks made to measure as per the customers premises.