• PASSIVE: completely mechanic, no need batteries


• SENCILLO: no need to modify work procedures

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common work-related ailments. Throughout the world they affect millions of workers and they are a high cost for employers. It is foreseeable that its importance will increase in the future due to the aging of the active population and the increase in the retirement age.

Exoskeletons are disruptive ergonomic solutions, that appear to complement the traditional preventive measures when they have been shown to be insufficient or ineffective against MSDs. By definition, an exoskeleton is a portable device that is worn by a person and that generates extra energy to support or perform physical tasks.

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Laevo | Ergonomic lumbar solution

Protects the lumbar area in maintained and repetitive leaning forward positions

• The structures are replaceable to adapt it to the size of the user

• ON / OFF button that allows you to unlock the device to sit, drive forklifts, climb stairs

• Versatility, applicable to a large number of workstations and different sectors

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SkelEx | Ergonomic arms solution

It reduces the load in the upper limbs and back muscles while performing tasks at the shoulder height or above

• It works with energy stored in springs that compensate for gravity. As a result, arms and tools feel weightless, with a wide range of movement

• Minimalistic. Less is more. Less weight (just 2 kg), less contact with the body, less heating

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Noonee | Ergonomic back & legs solution

It allows users to take breaks and be able to sit down from time to time while working. So, it reduces the physical load of the work and protects the user form back ailments due to standing

• Height of seat can easily be adjusted (from 50 to 150 cm working height)

• Adapts to different body sizes and safety shoes

•  Facilitates switching quickly from sitting to standing and walking

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