/ Health Equipment

SEMP (Special Surfaces for Managing Pressure Sores)

  • SEMP Cirrus. Dynamic SEMP grade 4. The only one on the market which combines the best in alternating pressure with the best of visco-elastic. Excellent results in clinical cases.
  • SEMP Curocell Area. SEMP grade 2, alternating pressure without a pump. Easy, simple. Minimum maintenance and maximum duration and performance.
  • SEMP Bicofoam. Static SEMP with movement allowance and excellent pressure distribution.


Sabanas Easy Care
  • Easy Care sheet. Regenerative sheet with healing and antibacterial properties, minimising lesions caused by pressure sores.

Technical help

Ayudas Tecnicas
  • Hoist, transfer, etc.

Surgical products

  • Surgical products in accordance with the standard EN 13795.


/ Military Equipment

Military gloves

Capacity to develop a wide range of gloves for Defence including:

  • Combat gloves
  • Cold and extreme cold gloves
  • Heated gloves
  • Motorcycle gloves

Superlightweight individual tents

Sleeping Systems

Mosquito nets

Self inflating matts