Rental, laundry & maintenance of PPE and garments

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The Comprehensive Management system enables the workers’ uniforms and PPE to be adapted to the requirements of their operations and are always in perfect condition. It is a rental service which also takes care of the maintenance, washing and repair of the garment or PPE. It is a custom-built system which enables the client to contract the complete service or any management process activity on a one-off basis.

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/ locker system

The distribution of the garments and/or PPE is carried out using numbered lockers. Each worker has his own key which provides him with immediate access to clean clothes. The dirty clothes are returned to the container specially marked for this purpose. 

/ guarantees

  • Safety and hygiene. The service fulfils all regulations and requirements of safety hygiene and equipment certifications at all times. All employee equipment is subject to a total protection guarantee.
  • Corporative image. Creation and maintenance of an impeccable, consistent and safe corporative image.
  • Environment. Management and elimination of potential contaminants attached on clothing.
  • Economical. Budgetary control, clearly stated costs without hidden extras.
  • Motivation. Employees always have their equipments fully cleaned and with total protection guaranteed.

/ maintenance of PPE

Maintenance of PPE goes beyond just cleaning and repair. Iturri offers a multitude of possibilities to facilitate the distribution and management process, eliminating surplus tasks from the client's value chain. This translates to increased overall savings.

  • Distribution and management of PPE (clothing, gloves, ear -plugs, goggles, etc.) through automatic vending machines
  • Cleaning of gloves and distribution in the place of use
  • Personalised management and distribution of the entire range of PPE to employees in their workstation
  • Distribution of the client’s consumables to the points of use
  • Warehouse management by in-house resources
  • Mobile containers with enough equipment to meet specific periods of peak activity and higher demand
  • Maintenance and calibration of gas detectors

/ TotalCare service

TotalCare service is specifically designed for firefighters. Iturri take special care of their intervention garments ensuring that all layers remain in perfect condition. The service involves a meticulous cleaning process, with a detailed inspection of each piece of clothing before sign off.

TotalCare is a brand supported by Lion Apparel Inc., a US firm specialised in protective equipment for fire fighting .