Military Clothing

89 Pilotos Helicoptero

The clothing worn by Armies is a clear reference to the future use of technical clothing applicable to numerous sectors. Aware of its importance, for years the ITURRI Group has been focusing on the military sector, investing in the continuous development of products which comply with the growing demands of protective / technical clothing.

They rely on a comprehensive knowledge and experience of system integration in its proposal: systems which fully meet the clients’ needs in their working environment, instead of individual developments which are difficult to integrate.

With over 30 research lines in different fields (fire resistance, foul weather, CBN, ballistic protection, etc.) and the leadership of a whole industry dedicated to this purpose (from the raw materials to the tailoring), the ITURRI Group is clearly committed, through its INFINITEX  and COMFUT  Projects, to military clothing as a basis for its future growth.

  • 89 Vestuario Militar

    Water Proof Clothing

    Inclement Weather Gore-Tex® for harsh climates and Light Gore-Tex® for hot climates.

  • 89 Ropa Interior

    Technical underwear

    Options: quick drying Power Dry-POLARTEC®, breathable Coolmax®, flame resistant COOLWORK®.

  • 89 Uniforme Combate

    Combat Uniforms

    With any type of camouflage in accordance with the country and in compliance of infrared curve requirements.

  • 89 Mono Mimetizado

    Fireproof Camouflage Overalls

    Especially designed for armoured vehicles, highly comfortable with a high level of light and wash fastness.

  • 89 Cazadora Vuelo

    Flying Jackets

    Impermeable/breathable membrane and a detachable thermal lining. New improvements to comfort using the Coolwork® fabric on flight overalls and underwear.

  • 89 Camisa Tecnica

    Technical Shirts

    Highly comfortable polylobulated fibre textiles thanks to its high absorption capacity and quick evaporation of sweat.

  • 89 Chaqueta Cortavientos

    Polar Linings and Windstopper Jackets

    The perfect combination of protection against the cold and wind together with comfort and style. Polartec®. Softshell Wind-Stopper®.

  • 89 Chaqueton Mar

    Marine Jackets

    Parka type jacket in DuPont™ Nomex® fabric, with an impermeable/breathable membrane and detachable fire-proof lining.89 Camisa Antivectores

  • Combat Clothing with Anti-vector Treatment

    Special garments for combating insect bites. Long lasting effectiveness.

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