Health-care Work Wear

90 Chaqueton Gore Tex

Health-care work wear is not just a uniform, but a guarantee of safety, protection and hygiene both for the patient and the user. We are constantly working on achieving the best fabrics which offer technical and innovative solutions, which are regenerative with healing, anti-bacterial, repellent, ergonomic and breathable properties.

  • 90 Pijama Aire Limpio

    Clean air suit

    Alternative to the disposable suit, greater comfort for the user and a more economically and environmentally sustainable solution.

  • 90 Polos

    Technical polo shirt with anti-bacterial properties for accident and emergency

    Maximum protection.

  • 90 Chaqueton Goretex

    Windcheater fleece and anorak

    WindStopper and Gore-Tex® membranes. Light and ergonomic. Maximum breathability.

  • Technical trousers

    Elastic, fire-resistant, with special reinforcements. Special design and tailoring.

  • 90 Vestuario Sanitaario

    Surgical gowns and surgical coverings with a fabric barrier

    Alternative to disposables, greater protection and comfort for the user. Environmentally sustainable.

  • 90 Nbq

    CBNR protective clothing

    Protective clothing against Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiological risks.