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During an operation the fire fighter may be exposed to temperatures of over 1000° where the risk of burns and suffocation are at a maximum. The correct protection saves their lives over and over again. If the performance of the clothing is the best coupled with the protection it affords, the fire fighters’ performance will also be outstanding.

Fire fighters and rescue workers’ clothing is adapted to the needs of each type of emergency according to the different sectors: airports, urban, rural, forestry, industrial and military. The ITURRI Group undertakes research to obtain fabrics with the best results. The design and manufacture of the garment, controlled by strict quality procedures, ensure comfort, ergonomics and lightness, thus guaranteeing effectiveness, security and efficiency in any operation.

The ITURRI Group offers tailored services: custom-made designs, extensive range of fireproof fabrics, rental contracts, garment maintenance and scheduled deliveries.

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The ITURRI Group is the leader in the manufacture of protective garments for forest fire fighters in Spain, providing clothing for 7000 users each year.

They offer the complete range of fire resistant fabrics, a mixture of Nomex® with Viscose. And of course tailored designs for overalls, shirts and trousers. Furthermore, the weight of the garment can vary according to the client’s request.

The tailoring is highly technical to guarantee maximum protection attending to every last detail: fireproof zips with a double cover and Velcro, mask, cuff with Velcro adjustment, fastening straps for sleeves, textile reflectors, elastic adjusters, expandable back panel, reinforcement padding on elbows, etc.



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"We were impressed by ITURRI Group capabilities and staff"

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