86 Vestuario Industrial

/  industrial clothing

87vestuario IndustriaThe ITURRI Group’s in-house manufacturing capacity enables it to better respond to its clients’ needs. The Technical Team specialises in each type of industry and this results in greater knowledge of the fabrics suitable for the risk or image, the regulations in force and the corresponding design. They provide innovative products for all kinds of solutions together with their frontline partners: 3M, DuPont, Estambril, Gore.

/ fire fighting clothing

88 Vestuario BomberosDuring an operation the fire fighter may be exposed to temperatures of over 1000° where the risk of burns and suffocation are at a maximum. The correct protection saves their lives over and over again. If the performance of the clothing is the best coupled with the protection it affords, the fire fighters’ performance will also be outstanding.

/ military clothing

89 Pilotos HelicopteroThe clothing worn by Armies is a clear reference to the future use of technical clothing applicable to numerous sectors. Aware of its importance, for years the ITURRI Group has been focusing on the military sector, investing in the continuous development of products which comply with the growing demands of protective / technical clothing.

/ Health-care Work Wear

90 Chaqueton Gore TexHealth-care work wear is not just a uniform, but a guarantee of safety, protection and hygiene both for the patient and the user. We are constantly working on achieving the best fabrics which offer technical and innovative solutions, which are regenerative with healing, anti-bacterial, repellent, ergonomic and breathable properties.

/ Rental, laundry & maintenance of PPE and garments

85 Manos OkThe Comprehensive Management System is a bespoke, global solution for your company’s specific clothing needs ensuring their perfect condition. Commonly known as Renting or Leasing is a much broader service that involves maintenance, cleaning and repair the garment or PPE. It is a tailored system that allows both full-service contract or selects any component of the management process individually.