When This Is Over: seeking professional solutions for coming challenges


When this is over.

Pandemic. I would love to know what the world will be when this is over.

This initiative was born out of curiosity, from a dire need to escape into the future, once the “now” had become unbearable.

This website is addressed to all of us, who are taking part in this involuntary professional and social experiment. We will look for ideas, ways to cope and handle the new normal, seek new professional solutions, and gear up for the coming challenges.

For those of you, who have never heard about us - we have a bold mission. It’s to provide safety and protection to people and their environment, be that professional or private. Human welfare defined through safety had always been a key business driver for us. We cared about safety long before it became a necessity. The key to survival.

We have talked to our customers, partners and our colleagues. Worldwide. Being far and in confinement, yet very close due to the newly found communication technology.

News channels are filled with death, and the internet is flooded with opinions. Experts have become a scarce commodity as freedom of speech, wonderful in its nature, gives a lot of people lacking competence the power to speak out through social media. Drama sells way better than good news.

Safety has a different weight now. It had become a need to have, not a nice to have. We have all tried to rapidly educate ourselves in personal protection equipment. We observe the new debate whether to wear a face mask, whilst the markets struggle for protective commodities.

Some of us are scared about the future, most of us are concerned. Lack of certainty makes us feel lost. We know we are facing a fundamental shift in life as we knew it and facing a new normal.

Our professional lives have been affected as much as all other areas of our daily existence. In many countries, we are on lock-down, forced to work remotely, banned to travel. Our normal routines, ways of doing things on auto-drive are gone. We juggle lives as home, work, and days pass by.

Many people feel grief. Loss of normalcy, usual human connection, sadness about a situation that seems to not be controlled and where our personal influence is very little. An anxiety that becomes visible when you connect with other people through all possible digital channels. We are trying to find meaning in the new reality: what is important? What is not?

We had plans and expectations. We wanted to grow, do more sustainable business, become more productive. All those plans are on hold for an indefinite time period.

We have absolutely no idea when this will be over. Our way of dealing with this impossible crisis is to focus on the future and try to ask people of opinion, experts, professionals, how they see the future when this is over. Because, it will be. And the world will be different afterwards.

Whatever is happening now is only temporary. We will survive. Breathe in and out, slowly, relax and stay safe. Your safety matters, to you, your closest ones, to us and to the whole society. Now more than ever. Meanwhile, lets focus on thinking what our reality will be, when this is over…