Solvay Torrelavega now has new uniforms


Solvay Quimica’s Torrelavega factory now has specific uniform certified for chemical and electrical risks. These garments are also antistatic, fireproof and offer high visibility allowing them to go one step further towards providing protection to, and standardizing the uniforms for all users.


Solvay has opted for Iturri’s technical solutions (uniform) as well as its logistical ones (safety stocks, restocking), in order to achieve Safety Excellence status, given that it is a company that is committed to occupational health and safety.

All of the PPEs protect the user against thermal and static electricity hazards as well as chemical risks, and make them more visible both during the day and at night in low visibility situations.

Solvay Torrelavega has always two different types of uniform, one work and the other multi-risk, however they have now made the decision to improve the quality of their provisions as well as the overall protection of their workers by adding high visibility elements to all of their garments.