Protection of CEPSA GAS’s strategic plant


CEPSA (Spanish Oil Company) has decided to expand its fire protection systems in its Vicálvaro plant (Madrid), by making the decision to protect both of its loading platforms, one 108metres in length with a capacity for 5 containers in place at the same time, and another with two weighing scales for distribution trucks.

The protective system adopted for both loading platforms involves a consistent pouring system with pipes, heat detectors and open spray nozzles, which will discharge sprayed water simultaneously on all of the protected surface in the event of a fire

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CEPSA’s storage plant in Vicálvaro (Madrid) is full of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) bottles and tankers, storing stores butane and propane gas in horizontal tanks from which the product is then distributed in bulk by means of cistern tanks, or is sent to the plant’s packaging line where it is stored in different formats of stainless steel bottles in order for these to be distributed by trucks at a later date. This is a strategic point for the distribution, commercialization and provisioning of butane and propane both in the country’s central zone and in the Spanish capital.

The plant has railway access which allows tankers full of LPG to enter into the loading platforms where the gas is decanted from the tankers to the already existing horizontal fixed tanks. There is also a truck-loading platform where the gas is diverted from the tanks into the tankers, and these operations are most susceptible to a possible fire due to leakage of the product during said decanting procedures.

Gases such as butane and propane continue to be used as an energy source in many homes, industries and services that require a heat source that is easy to obtain as well as being cheap. These gases are found in crude oil and natural gas. One part is obtained during the petroleum refining processes in the company’s refineries which are generally located in the country’s coastal areas, and said resource is subsequently distributed to intermediate storage plants located throughout the national territory by means of fixed installations such as gas pipelines or transportation means such as cistern trucks or tankers.

Iturri has designed optimum facilities in line with the client’s specific requirements, meeting their expectations both in terms of the final result and the deadline for completion. The system which has been installed provides reliable and efficient protection against this type of risk.