New Thunder Plus 3D uniform for the electric industry


The Thunder Plus and Thunder Plus 3D garments provide excellent protection from any risks in the electric industry. The professionals who work outside in any climate, and with a high activity level are protected from the outdoors, low visibility, splashes of acid as well as any other electric arc hazards.

The users need comfortable and lightweight garments that do not restrict their movement and which are waterproof and breathable. In addition the Thunder Plus 3D has an innovative design based on the concept of 360º visibility that projects an excellent image.

Why Thunder Plus and Thunder Plus 3D?

There are many inconvenient factors associated with leading garments provided for the sector which are usually manufactured using fabrics with a mixture of fireproof fibres and laminated cotton, and these problems will be resolved by the Thunder Plus and Thunder Plus 3D design proposal.

The outer layer of said garments is heavy and bulky, with high water absorption, it takes a long time to dry and suffers colour loss after washing, which leads to a lack of protection due to a loss in the high visibility characteristics. These factors have meant a low acceptance by the users, incorrect usage and therefore reduced protection.

However the EBRO fabric has low water absorption and is quick drying which means that is comfortable for use in wet environments. Additionally the lamination and seams meet the limited flame spread protection as specified in the EN 14116 and EN 11612 regulations.

How does it work?

It blocks convection heat transfer during exposure to the electric arc, preventing fire propagation forming a carbonized film in the fabric. This reduces heat transfer to the skin. Thanks to this technology and to the garment’s excellent isolating properties, the laminate maintains its physical integrity following heat and fire exposure. In addition there is no risk of holes forming.

How much protection does it provide?

The Thunder Plus and Thunder Plus 3D are CAT III PPEs providing Class 2 (7KA) protection against electric arc according to the UNE EN 61482-1-2- Box Text and a ATPV higher than 48cal/ cm2 according to the open arc test UNE EN 61482-1-1. It is a maximum level, Class 3.3 rain protection PPE according to the UNE EN 343 regulation.

The main protection provided combines with the UNE EN 1149/5 certificate against electrostatic risk and the UNE EN 13014 against small splashes of acid.

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Why choose between protection and comfort?

Conventional rain garments with a Class two arc protection tend to be heavy and are rarely accepted by the users. The users tend to combine various layers of garments to reach this level of protection. The combination of an interior garment and a class one rain suit can meet the class 2 standards, however this method leads to various risks given that the users may use the layers in an erroneous manner or may wear the garment inadequately.

Some exterior class 1 materials are flammable when an incident occurs with a high voltage electric arc, and the users run the risk of not being sufficiently protected against the electric arc thermal hazard.

Improved comfort means improved safety

According to the ESTI* 2015 Study, In 14% of the incidents, the injuries were caused by non-use of the PPEs. On many occasions, the operators did not use adequate protective equipment for practical or economic reasons.

Protection against wind and rain is essential, and in the case of electric arc this is especially important given that the internal layer must remain dry to reduce thermal conductivity. If an electric arc incident occurs, the lower the level of thermal conductivity the lower the risk of serious burns.

In order for users to accept the usage of rain protection clothing it must be comfortable and breathable, (avoiding the accumulation of water vapour in the inside.)

In the case on an incident involving electric arc, maintaining the body dry will reduce the risk of serious burns given that a damp interior garment increases the risk of second- degree burns.

THUNDER PLUS and THUNDER PLUS 3D GORE TEX® garments with PYRAD® technology are comfortable and lightweight, meaning users will no longer have to choose between comfort and protection.

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*Source: ESTI Eidgenoessisches Starkstrominspektorat Bulletin 10 / 2015