New REPSOL reliability study


In order to verify the correct functioning of the general network for water distribution and for the supply of water for protection against fires in all of its plants, Repsol Butano has entrusted Iturri with the task of carrying out a study of the hydraulic behavior in each of its refineries when water is discharged from the most unfavourable location of each factory. It is worth noting that the maximum water requirements for protection against fires in the Repsol factories range from 2,600 m3 to 3,800m3 and that the necessary water reserves range from 6,400m3 to 10,500m3. A proposal for improvements and measures which are to be taken to adjust the already existing systems was drawn up from each report.

The following are the adjustments which were taken into consideration in the reports:

- Establish design criteria. Analysis of regulations and internal specifications which are applicable to Repsol Butano.

- Analysis of the scenarios in the area of the Plant with the greatest demand.

- Hydraulic analysis of the Plant’s fire network.

- Proposals for improvements and criteria.

- Analysis of the so-called “Matriz de DCI” Protocols implemented in each plant for action in the case of an emergencies).

Other corrective measures such as those indicated below were also added:

- Increase in the diameter of the supply pipeline system.

- Increase in the diameter of the pipes in the general network.

- Increase of the diameter of pump suction and discharge pipes.

- Improved discharge capacity for pumping discharge groups.

- Increased water reserve capacity.

Repsol Butano is one of the main retail distributors of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in Spain. It distributes bottled LPG, bulk gasses and AutoGas in the Pinto, Santurce, Gijón, Puertollano, Montornés, Tarragona, Castellón, Algeciras, Huelva, Escombreras, Alcudia and Bens plants.