New design for the PSH footwear


Our feet have to deal with a significant work load throughout the day, so we need to look after them well not just at the end of the work day but during it as well.

Iturri has redeveloped one of its leading products, its range of PSH footwear in order to adapt it to the workers’ needs, as well as adapting it to each specific task, from the transportation and industry sectors to construction and outdoor work.

These products are amongst the company’s most consumed products, and include boots, hospital footwear, rubber boots, etc., all of which have a classic design, reduced weight and recently updated anti-slip sole. The models are available in a wide range of sizes from 35 to 50 (with women’s and men’s sizes) as well as different widths available.

They are manufactured using high quality materials making them breathable and resistant to organic chemical agents.

All of these characteristics ensure a comfortable shoe in terms of weight and flexibility without failing to mention the security provided to the user.

Psh Colección 2016 V.5 (Es) 25221533