Feet, something we always forget about


“The back pain that I have suffered for years has finally let up. I would recommend this system to everyone given that it guarantees your employees’ long term work capacity. It also has a positive and motivational impact on them, knowing that we care about their health”

Zoltan Nekovetics (Coordinator Crown Cork Europa)

If there is one part of our bodies that we don’t pay enough attention to, it is definitely our feet, and foot problems to tend to develop slowly and silently. In addition these problems are more common as we get older.

The most common problems are skin and nail pain, as well as pain and injuries produced by abnormal effort and tension. If our feet are not correctly supported –of if they slide to the front our back of our shoes – it is easy to suffer abnormal tension which can spread to other muscles in the body. In the long term, this can cause, knee, hip and back injuries.

Doctors recommend that we choose the correct size of footwear that should be shock absorbent.

However we are often not aware that we suffer from pain, and this is why JALAS (one of Iturri’s partners) has developed the FootStopService (FSS) foot scanner.

Fss Gråmatta 20121016

It is fast and easy to analyse your feet with the help of the FSS. You don’t even need to remove your socks or stockings. In just a few seconds, the scanner detects the dimensions of your feet, the arch and the plantar pressure profile of your foot. You get the results immediately. On the display, you will see how and where your feet are being subjected to pressure and load. You will also see if you have a low, medium or high arch helping to choose what type of insoles are adequate for the specific type of arch. This allows us to avoid injuries that may be caused by abnormal pressure on the foot.

In many cases, however, individually designed orthopaedic soles can be avoided by using JALAS® neutralizer insoles, available for low, medium and high foot arches. These can be washed and last up to two years. The employees of Mercedes, Renault, Airbus and Crown Cork Europe are already benefiting from improvements in health and wellbeing thanks to these.

FSS works as a preventive form of health care. However it doesn’t substitute medical treatment of injuries that have already occurred.