Looking and seeing is not the same


An old Spanish refrain says: “You can’t see the wood for the trees”. We often use this to describe the situation in the industries that Iturri works with every day.

There are three ways to analyze the environment in which we are working:

- Audit the area in order to become aware of the challenges we face as well as the things that we have to improve.

- Implement the cross-functional audit approach by asking colleagues from other departments to help to indicate points to be developed (both methods are actions which are able to provide information regarding the evolution of the organisations).

- There is also another more objective and efficient option: an external audit.

One of Iturri’s key strategies is to get close and intimate with their clients, providing added value, and Iturri Group Safety Audits is a service that has been developed to gua- rantee satisfaction.

Over the last few years, Iturri’s safety experts have helped their clients in HSE, Purchases, Logistics and Operations to “see the wood”. This is the way to keep up to date with the latest PPEs which are available in order to meet the safe- ty, design and comfort requirements. It also tries to deal with collective safety needs in terms of industrial noise, protection against falls, environmental advisory services, solutions for confined spaces and process designs.

Iturri’s experts provide advisory services in order to enable companies to achieve a culture of Safety Excellence, by means of the development of corporative signaling, be- havioural programmes and e-learning solutions. “Seeing” also means managing processes in an efficient manner and optimizing said processes, therefore it is crucial to unders- tand how the organizations wish to be provided with their solutions, and how these are to be distributed. In doing so they can design the best adjustment models backed by allocation warehouses, vending machines and business.

Iturri Group Safety Audit is a modular solution that allows organisations to be assessed from different angles but safety and effectiveness are always taken into consideration. More than 20 companies from different sectors (automotive, chemistry, petrochemical pharmaceuticals and public services) have benefited from this programme.

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